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Become a friend / maker

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You're a talented crafts person?

At u-ni-k we are passionate about many things, however our greatest passion is for quality. We work very closely with our friends / makers to ensure that our customers receive exactly what they want and that all our gifts are handmade with love.

We would love to work with talented crafts people that can create unique gifts with the loving care and attention that always produces the highest quality products. Handmade quality produces very special creations. All our pieces are handmade, as we know making something by hand infuses the product with love and care thus making it very special indeed.

Our gifts are aimed at children or parents, so whatever you make needs to be suitable for the age range or their parents. Also we are quite traditional and like our children to be wearing, playing or dressing up in natural fibres. We want only natures best materials against a baby's skin.

So if you make gorgeous treasures for little people from natural materials, we'd love to hear from you. Please contact us using one of the emails below:

Anna or Sarah